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Testimonials: Clients


Dear Hannelie

Thought you would like to see some photos of C…’s nativity play and prize giving held last night. You will be very pleased to know that she gave a confident, beautifully acted portrayal of Angel Gabriel, which we were extremely proud of.Then, when things couldn’t have got any better for us as parents, she was awarded the school trophy for Academic Achievement. Her teacher from 3 years ago was astounded by the wonderful young lady that seems to have blossomed forth from C..I have no doubt in my mind that the strides she has made this year is owed largely to the time she spent with you. P…, C… and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


In February of 2008 I was desperate. I had a grandson of 12 who could not read at all, and one of 10 who was unhappy, angry and aggressive. Both of them had been traumatised by a very unpleasant divorce.

The elder child had been diagnosed as dyslexic two years previously and was making no progress. The younger one was throwing tantrums and telling lies. I bless the ‘guardian angel who advised me to take them to Hannelie Kemp!

Now, at the end of 2009, the change in these boys is almost miraculous. Both had neurotherapy and counselling. Hannelie discovered that the older child had problems with visual perception and we took him to a specialist in Mossel Bay. More therapy! We worked hard! He is still a slow ready and probably always will be, but at last he can read. He tried his best and has passed grade 7.

The younger child is top of his class an academic scroll and a totally new attitude. Both boys are happy and confident and have made us proud.

Hannelie’s patience and understanding, therapy and counselling have made a huge difference to these boys. She has set them on the right road and we are so grateful!


When I met Christopher he was in grade 5. He had attention problems as well as social problems. He had no friends and used a stick as a companion. He was bullied at school and did not want to go to school.

A quantitative EEG assessment showed that Christopher had too much slow theta waves in the frontal executive part of his brain. This caused him to be half asleep most of the time and he had difficulty in concentrating on auditory information. The teacher had to act like a clown before she could hold his attention. This of course affected his grades and his average score was 56%.

Christopher started with neurofeedback and completed 39 sessions during the next nine months. Positive changes started to occur almost immediately with his family reporting that he was more loving and affectionate. At school he was not getting into trouble for daydreaming and slowly his marks started to improve.

In grade 6, Christopher started to excel in sports and was chosen to play in the Eastern Free State rugby team. He started making friends and at the end of the year he was chosen by his peers to be a representative on the student council.

In grade 7 he was chosen to play rugby and tennis for the Eastern Free State schools, and represented the Free State in athletics.

In grade8, when he went to secondary school he experienced a bout of depression which was quickly resolved with neurofeedback and biofeedback. After twelve sessions of therapy done twice a week over a six week period Christopher was positive, happy and relaxed.

During grade 9 Christopher was chosen to represent the province in rugby, he played tennis for the Eastern Free State and participated at the SA finals in the triple jump. At the end of the year he received academic colours when he was placed in the top ten for academic achievement with an average of 83%.

Christopher is still excelling in academic and sports activities. He is popular with teachers and peers and has a good relationship with his family. Due to a flexible brain, which he can control he is reaching his potential.


  • Thank you for being so absolutely awesome when I came to see you, mid-trauma… I so appreciate everything you did! – Cynthia
  • I appreciate your time, advice and help – Marian
  • Thank you for making me better – Peter (8years)
  • Thank you for helping me the past few months. It has really helped me with everything I do and I have improved as a person in many ways. Thank you huge amount. Lots of love – Angela (17years)
  • U onbaatsugtige diens aan een van ons leerders het ons diep geraak en word ten seerste waardeer. Net om die vreugdevolle uitdrukking op Michelle se gesig te sien was genoeg om jou tot trane te dwing – Personeel
  • You have been the main catalyst to me & my healing this year. The realisation of my levels of self-belief and rising up from a very dark place I have been, is due to your extraordinary therapy in so many ways – Trent
  • Just a small token of appreciation for the many hours I was privileged to receive private councelling. Of the three greatest blessings that come from above, one is life, one is health and one is love – may you take joy in life, give health the best care and send out your love to mankind everywhere – Anita
  • Thank you very much indeed for all your interest, time and attention you gave to Adolph during his consultations – Lynn
  • You have been a revelation to me as practitioner and friend. Our time together confirms for me why we are destined to meet certain people in our lives. Your therapy has been extraordinary. Thank you so very much – Chris
  • Hannelie thank you so very much for helping John with his hearing. Margaret you handle people very well. To both: May our Lord always direct your steps + “Bless You”. We are truly very grateful, you are two “Great Ladies”.
  • How do I thank you for all you have done for my brother and my parents. God bless you. May your cup runneth over! – Tricia